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Category: Fresh Air to Breath


Saya heran dengan mereka-mereka yang menyebarkan sebuah berita/broadcast message tanpa diverifikasi dulu kebenaran dan sumbernya. Kemarin ada sebuah broadcast message menyebar di Whatsapp (saya tidak…

The Burden of A Name: A Birthday Resolution

If I do not become a Saint when I am young, I shall never become one. – St. John Berchmans

I was baptized under the protection of the patron of altar boys: St. John Berchmans. I read about him once and found some facts about him that turned me ashamed and felt so burdened: he is just a young man, yet is called holy. He loved to make pilgrimages, walking barefoot through journeys of miles while praying the Rosary Prayer. He kept himself holy and clean of sins until he died at the age of 22, which granted him the beatification.