My name is Johanes Berchman Sigit Noviandi. Usually people call me Sigit or JB Sigit (hence, the domain name). I was born in Jakarta on November 26, 1987 as a baby that later on love designs, technology, literature, movies, and culinary very much.
I studied Information Technology in President University, and currently is working at Webaxis International, being outsourced to Atomic55 Canada. I also started an internet marketing team Kreativ Salmon that helps people and companies struggling with internet marketing, simply so that they could gain more money.
In my spare time, I do social services at Trinity Catholic Church Parish, dealing with youth and scholarship program for low-income families.
Sometimes, you’ll see me sitting in a coffee house, intermittently looking out through the window and dancing my fingers on a laptop keyboards, letting inspiration and ideas come, so I can pour it in a bowl of texts or images for you to read and enjoy.
Happy sightseeing, mate! ;)