What happens if you do not feel anything when you pray or even experience reluctance to pray?

Distractions during prayer, the feeling of interior emptiness and dryness, indeed, even an aversion to prayer are experienced by everyone who prays. Then to persevere faithfully is itself already a prayer.

Even St. Thérèse of Lisieux for a long time could not sense God’s love at all. Shortly before her death she was visited one night by her sister Céline. She noticed that Thérèse’s hands were clasped together. “What are you doing? You should try to sleep”, Céline said. “I cannot. I am suffering too much. But I am praying”, Thérèse replied. “And what do you say to Jesus?” “I do not say anything to him. I love him.” (YOUCAT question 508)

Dig Deeper: CCC section (2738-2739) and other references here.