Many things happen in one’s life: beautiful moments and depressing moments, falling in love and breaking up, laughing and crying, events and decisions, and other things that complete them as one big piece. Among all the things took place in my life, there were some which I regret and would have ran from. Coming to Taruna Nusantara High School on 2002 was one of them.

I remember the time when I was wearing blue and white junior high uniform and attending the final step of TN entrance examinations in Magelang. After all I decided to take the whole test after being told by one of my teacher about this super high school that prepares the students to be Indonesia future leaders. I passed the administration and academic tests in Jakarta, and went to Magelang for the psychology test and the interview. It’s been 8 years since that very moment, and the memory of that days are still very clear in my mind. That was the time when I couldn’t believe that I was accepted instead of the other friends that had better academic accomplishment. That was the time when I humbly prayed to The Lord and asked for His help, not to let me pass the test, but to show me the right path to walk on. That was the time I didn’t understand why most of the prospective students cried when the selection committee announced they were accepted. And that was the time, when I almost tried to fail my interview test because I was afraid of the changes I would face: entering a new world that I didn’t know at all. The funny thing is, when I stood in front of the interviewer, He showed me the way by crushing my courage and determination to do so.

Studying at the school became the one of the most beautiful and exciting time of my life. I made new friends. I learnt about nationalism and leadership, fighting spirit and competition, respect and responsibility, and many other things I couldn’t have got from other places. There were many happy memories, and there were some sad ones. I did some good things I could be proud of and some naughty and bad things I will keep as a wonderful experience. Whatever they were, they are small pieces that complete my life, the pieces that formed me to who I am now. Thus, I thank God for making me walked on the right path. I thank my parents for the support (I know they worked really hard to help me reach my dreams). I thanked all pamong for the knowledge, for the reward and punishment, for the praise and the blasphemy, for being my second parents when I was studying there. I thanked all of my seniors, juniors, and fellow students that helped me adapting to the school life. I know there is no word good enough to represent my respect and admiration to you all.

20 years since its establishment, TN has been providing the country with a lot of great, competitive, and competent leaders in their respective fields. The 4th lustrum of the school became the essential milestone where the alumni came back and showed the civitas academica that they’re doing their best effort to give substantial contribution to this country. Compared to most of my seniors, and some of fellow friends, I considered myself haven’t done good enough in what I’m doing. There are a lot of targets I haven’t achieved yet. There are some things I need to fix. And there are a lot of hard work to do.

I hope 20 years won’t degrade our spirit. I hope all of the principles, teachers, students, and alumni won’t remember this lustrum as the finish point of our struggle. Instead, it is the start of our long winding road. As Chairil Anwar once said, “Kami sudah coba apa yang kami bisa. Tapi kerja belum selesai, belum bisa memperhitungkan arti 4-5 ribu nyawa.” We have fought this far, but our fight has not over yet. Semoga tonggak perayaan 20 tahun ini terpatri jelas di dada kita, mengobarkan tekad dan semangat kita, untuk berjuang lebih keras lagi, untuk berkontribusi lebih banyak dan lebih lagi, untuk memberikan karya terbaik, bagi masyarakat, bangsa, negara, dan dunia. Jayalah selalu Taruna Nusantara!