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Two Cents About Life Philosophy

Some people talk on the phone with their pals while sitting on a bus. Some others close their ears with earphones, listen to some good musics, and then fall asleep, which is, I think, the most effective way of spending time on a trip. People have their own method on killing time on a bus. Mine, are listening to some songs, pertaining my mind in sereneness, and thinking of some things I usually don’t have any chance to think about. Last Sunday, on the way to Cikarang, on the bus seat, my mind wildly wander to something about this life. Well, my life, at least.

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8:30PM Local Time, Wherever You Live On Planet Earth. Saturday 28 March 2009

Few days ago I received an email from my colleague whose subject: “Earth Hour: First Time in Indonesia”. I was curious what’s inside and started reading it. And I really liked the content which is about Earth Hour. Earth Hour is a movement of millions people all around the world to turn the lights off on the same local time for an hour. In Indonesia, Jakarta especially, this movement will take place on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 20.30 – 21.30. Then I googled the words and found its website with also a local link here. From the first time I read the email, I said to myself, “Oh for sure I’m doing this.” Then I watched a video in the website, the official video for this year Earth Hour. You know what, it’s so friggin’ touching…Here it is.


So, here I am, stated myself to participate, to make a difference, to take a stand, to save the earth. Let’s put the event on your calendar, set a reminder, so you too, can save the earth. I believe turning off lights for only one hour will neither give you any bad luck nor cost you any loss. Instead, you may would have given a better future for us, for your children, and for the earth.

Salam Tampan,

Sigit Ganteng

It’s Happening: About Einstein and The Bees

Semalem baru aja nonton The Happening. Harus gw akui, si M. Night Shyamalan emang seorang expert di bidang cerita2 film kaya gini. Sebut aja film2 “aneh” dia: Lady in the Water dan The Sixth Sense. Emang sih, gw blm nonton dua2nya. Tapi gapapa, gw tetep ganteng :D . Eniwei, back to the movie, The Happening ini bener2 film yang rada2 absurd. Pertama2 nonton, gw ga nangkep ini film maksudnya apa. Aneh aja gitu tiba2 orang2 pada diem, jalan mundur, terus bunuh diri satu2. Serangan teroris bukan. Senjata biologis bukan. Semua orang pada diputusin pacar secara serentak, bukan juga. Argh! Pokoknya bingung deh. Apalagi endingnya. Tiba2 aja everything goes back to normal, terus tiba2 lagi kejadian sama terulang lagi. Ckckck… Cerita apa yang kau bikin Mr. Shyamalan (btw, ini orang namanya susah amat ditulis. Dibaca aja udah susah ^.^) ? Continue Reading