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Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Burden of A Name: A Birthday Resolution

If I do not become a Saint when I am young, I shall never become one. – St. John Berchmans

I was baptized under the protection of the patron of altar boys: St. John Berchmans. I read about him once and found some facts about him that turned me ashamed and felt so burdened: he is just a young man, yet is called holy. He loved to make pilgrimages, walking barefoot through journeys of miles while praying the Rosary Prayer. He kept himself holy and clean of sins until he died at the age of 22, which granted him the beatification.

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Another Quality Time with The Lord

Bagiku, mengharapkan keajaiban dan mukjizat bukan berarti harus melihat penampakan Tuhan dalam rupa fisik yang kita inginkan, bukan berupa penglihatan akan air mata yang keluar dari Corpus Christi di Salib, bukan berupa air yang berubah menjadi anggur setelah kita berdoa, bukan berupa sesosok malaikat bersinar yang membangunkan kita di tengah malam. Bagiku, keajaiban dan mukjizat adalah hal-hal baik yang ada di hidup sehari2, namun acapkali kita tidak sadari. Bukan hal mudah. Tapi tidak juga sulit kalau kita mau. Di hari keempat peziarahanku di Surabaya, ada kejadian unik yang mendorongku untuk membagikan sedikit cerita ini.

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What If I Don’t Feel Anything?

What happens if you do not feel anything when you pray or even experience reluctance to pray?

Distractions during prayer, the feeling of interior emptiness and dryness, indeed, even an aversion to prayer are experienced by everyone who prays. Then to persevere faithfully is itself already a prayer.

Even St. Thérèse of Lisieux for a long time could not sense God’s love at all. Shortly before her death she was visited one night by her sister Céline. She noticed that Thérèse’s hands were clasped together. “What are you doing? You should try to sleep”, Céline said. “I cannot. I am suffering too much. But I am praying”, Thérèse replied. “And what do you say to Jesus?” “I do not say anything to him. I love him.” (YOUCAT question 508)

Dig Deeper: CCC section (2738-2739) and other references here.