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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Stunningly Beautiful. Period.

The video of Choir and Orchestra of the 26th World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain performing Sanctus and Agnus Dei. It was absolutely stunning!

Praying such performance could be brought someday in a Holy Mass in Indonesia.


One Dream Came True

I once stumbled on Matt Mullenweg (founder of Automattic, the company behind WordPress) personal website and were wowed by its domain name: ma.tt. It’s so simple, so creative, so easy to remember, so good of a personal branding, and most of all, so awesome! Since that very moment I’ve been wanting to have such domain: sig.it.


After doing some researches, I knew the .tt domain belongs to the Trinidad and Tobago region, so, it must be registered via well-established registrars that provide international domain registration. The problem was, I didn’t know any, as up to this moment my clients are local. Until one day, I accidentally browsed and found GoDaddy. I searched for the .it domain, and it was there! Then I tried to register sig.it. What really suck was that domain name has already registered to some Italian company. I must think of something else. I thought of using .tn (Sigit N, hence, sigi.tn), but I couldn’t find a provider for the Tunisia domain. Thank God an epiphany (really?) came unto me and made me think of another name: jbsig.it. So, here we go, a new personal website with a cool domain name that I’ve been dreaming: jbsig.it. Enjoy folks! :)